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Cost Estimates

Adaptation of core multimission AMMOS components is faster and cost less than developing a new mission operations system from the bottom up for every individual project, and these projects enjoy greater reliability by using proven tools. Missions can choose AMMOS multimission components and/or mission-specific adaptations in unique combinations that meet their specific needs. They pay only for the components they need.

Cost Estimation Policy

NASA has established policies which govern how the cost for AMMOS tools and services are allocated between multimission base funding and individual project (i.e. mission) funding.

The cost of adapting AMMOS tools and services for specific mission operations are charged to the benefiting mission. If the new capability will benefit several missions, MGSS may provide some or all of the development cost.

A "grass-roots", design-based, costing exercise is highly recommended for estimation of costs for services, tools, and support that are not covered under the Aperture Fee. This is typically conducted for missions in the formulation phase by an engineering team organized through the Mission Interface Office.

Initial Cost Estimate

If you do not already have an account on our system, please Register and use the Build a Mission System interface to identify the AMMOS components (tools & services) in which you are interested. Once logged in you can save the components selected to a work area for future modification and reference. Build a Mission System will also provide a very broad cost estimate range for the components you have selected. The Mission Interface Office should then be contacted to provide a detailed cost based on criteria and your mission specifications.

Cost Estimates for Standard Missions

In general, engineering, development, routine maintenance and delivery of multimission ("core") tools are considered to be multimission costs. Adaptation costs (engineering, development, maintenance, and deployment) and operations costs are considered to be project-specific costs.

Engineering and Shared Operations Support Costs

Except as otherwise noted, the customer will incur the costs of the Engineering Support Activities and Shared Operations Support to which they subscribe, as negotiated through the Mission Interface Office.

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