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What is the MGSS

MGSS Functional org chart 2015
The Multimission Ground System and Services (MGSS) is the NASA Program responsible for the management, implementation, maintenance and operation of the Advanced Multi-Mission Operations System (AMMOS). Our goal is to provide multimission tools and services that enable mission customers to operate ground systems and spacecraft at significantly reduced cost with comparable or higher reliability and performance, than would be the case if these customers acquired their own unique tools and services.
The MGSS has decades of expertise implementing and operating deep space mission systems and we are committed to offering a suite of tools and services which support every phase of a mission's life-cycle; from the Proposal to the End-of-Mission archiving. AMMOS has components that meet the needs of all mission types; whether large and complex, or small and flexible, the MGSS is here to help you create the Mission Operations and Ground System environment you require.
MGSS seeks to improve and refine ground system tools and services to meet the needs of our customers and the challenges of future NASA Missions. Not only is MGSS continually improving existing AMMOS tools and services, but MGSS partners with other organizations to expand and extend the AMMOS suite. For more information on how your ideas and products can become a part of the AMMOS visit Contribute to AMMOS.
For more information on the MGSS Program contact the Mission Interface Office (MIO) or click on the MGSS Org Chart icon above to direct your technical questions to the appropriate AMMOS Element Manager.

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